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An Arena is the direct English translation from Ethereal for the word aod. In general terms, it means a world or a planet.


This usage of the term comes from a Lightbearer’s distinction of individual planets in the context of their Tournament. They see entire worlds as individual areas to play games, with no recognition that planets are entirely separate.

For example, Pri is not seen as a world, but as a single playground that dictates a Lightbearer’s strategy in the Tournament.

In English, the name Arena and the term world are interchangeable, but a world is referred to as an Arena in relation to the Tournament.


When a Ascended Lightbearer is present on an Arena, especially the one that has been assigned to it, they will have in their possession a specific object that allows the Lightbearer to invoke temporary passage to the Synthetic Domain.

This object is known as an Anchor of the Arena. Wielded by the Ascended, it allows other Lightbearers that are in contact with the Anchor to also be brought into the Synthetic Domain. As soon as contact is lost with the Anchor, the Lightbearer is immediately returned to the Arena.

By using an Anchor and bringing Lightbearers into the Synthetic Domain, direct communication with Ramor is possible, as well as the ability to consult without interfering with the Arena itself.

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